My In-Flight Travel Essentials

Hello! How are you all?

I have now returned to the UK and on my flight here I thought about writing up a little blog post about my travel essentials. Having traveled and been on many, many planes throughout my life, I can pack my carry-on bag in my sleep. So even though I do not consider myself a travel-expert of any kind, I thought I would sum up some of the items I always have on hand when flying.

A good book – I am not very good at using my time to read, unless I am travelling. I love to read, but sometimes I do find it difficult to find the time and a good book. Before heading back to the UK I picked up “When We Collided” by Emery Lord, and when we landed at Heathrow half the book had already been read. I love entering a new world and getting lost in the characters when I am in the air, and having a book to distract you on long flights is crucial!

Headphones – I don’t really understand people who travel without music and headphones, who do they survive the flight?? I am one of those annoying passengers that put my headphones on before boarding is completed and who does not take them out when the flight crew demonstrates the security briefing (sorry…!).



Phone/portable charger – Having your phone with you on the plane is a given, how else will you listen to your favorite songs, podcasts or take that perfect Instagram photo out of the window? Bringing your charger will always come in handy, especially if you encounter delays or your smartphone (iPhone…) suddenly decides to have zero percent battery.

Skincare  Most of us know that our skin can get super dry when in the air, but it is very easy to forget about it. Even though our toiletries are stuck in the luggage compartment, you can always bring some cute travel-size essentials onboard. My favorites to bring are lip balm, hand cream and cleansing wipes.

Extra clothes  Being cold on a plane is one of the worst things I can think of, especially because there is little you can do about it – except for being prepared. I always bring an extra sweater or big scarf so I can keep warm, and have never once regretted it.

Snacks and water – This might make me sound a little old, but remember the good times when you got free meals on planes? Those where the good days… Yeah the food might not have been very nice, but it was something. Even if my flight isn’t too long, I bring something to snack on and water. Along with being cold on the plane, being hungry isn’t much fun either.


Laptop – I do not use my laptop often when I am on the actual plane, unless I have downloaded something to watch. But it is very useful to have when waiting at the airport to do some work, check all the social media and now write up new blog posts.

Paper and pens – One my last flight I was so happy to have my notebook and pen so I could jot down blog post ideas and write up my to-do list. You never know when inspiration might strike, or maybe you need it to plan your trip or play plane-games with your travel mates.

There you go, those are my in-flight travel essentials! Obviously I also bring my passport and boarding pass…but I felt that is a given. If you’re about to go traveling – I hope you have a lovely time!


Lots of love,


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