Places I’d Like To Visit


Throughout my life I have been so lucky that I have had the opportunity to visit many wonderful places around the world. Thanks to my parents and my family I have been to various countries in Asia, Africa, North America and of course Europe. Exploring a new city or re-visitning a place is one of my favorite things, and I wish everyone had the opportunity to do so!

Some of my favorite destinations I have been are San Diego, New York, Shanghai and Florence, all of which I would love to visit again in a heartbeat. But there are still so many amazing places in the world that I can’t wait to see, so I thought I would share them with you.


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First up is Amsterdam! I have been to most of the major cities in Europe, but I am still to find my way to Amsterdam. I would love to rent a bike and explore the streets and canals of this beautiful city.

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I don’t really know why, but Latin and South America has never been high on my list of destinations, but recently it has climbed its way up, and especially Cuba. From looking through pictures and travel vlogs, Havana looks beautiful with rich history, lovely people and gorgeous buildings. I know very little about Havana, so I would love to go and learn more!

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I have traveled a little within the UK, but I have not been further north than Cambridge. While I still live in the UK I would love to explore further, and especially visit Scotland and Edinburgh.

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Oh sunny Australia! How I wish I would snap my fingers and be in Sydney or the Gold Coast without having to spend 24+ hours traveling… Australia might be my number one place I would like to visit, with its beautiful beaches, lovely people and exciting cities. Hopefully I will manage to plan a trip there soon!

So there you have my top four places I’d like to visit!  I wish I could forget all about exams and go to all these places right now…! Thank you for reading and let me know where you would like to travel to next! Also, if you have been to any of the destinations above, feel free to leave all your recommendations!
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