Sunny Days in Oslo

Hello from sunny Oslo!

In the midst of exams and stress, I decided to fly home for a few days. I managed to do a lot of studying, but also hang out with my family and explore new places in Oslo! Pretty great, seeing as I have lived here for almost 20 years… But the city is forever changing, and new, cool places are popping up – which makes it more fun to go home!



The weather has been so lovely, filled with sunshine and well over 20 degrees celsius. On Sunday my mom took me out to gelato and dinner (yes, in that order – dessert before dinner is the best!), and we walked around the fairly new neighborhood of Sørenga, which I had never seen.


If you are familiar with Oslo, you might know Aker Brygge, the pier following the Oslofjord with its great outdoor restaurants and places to sit and enjoy the sun. Sørenga is similar, with a few restaurants and cafes, but with facilities to swim in the fjord and sunbathe on a small beach. When it’s sunny and warm, it is truly packed – everyone emerging from all parts of the city to absorb some vitamin D.


After enjoying the city’s most delicious and authentic gelato and hanging out and walking in the sun for a bit, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Cargo, which had really good food. It was great to be able to sit outside to quite late, without it getting colder or the sun disappearing.


If you are planning a trip to Oslo this summer, I highly recommend stopping by Sørenga! As it’s still quite new, you won’t find too many tourists (hopefully) and it is a nice alternative to Aker Brygge!


Hope you are all having a good week!

All the best,


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