Sunshine, Aperol Spritz and Pizza

Hello lovely people!

From the title (and the photos) it might seem like I am spending a few days in Italy – but believe it or not, I am quite further north. The sunshine has finally come to Oslo! And this has to be celebrated…

When the temperature is finally above freezing and the sun is shining, it suddenly feels like there are millions of people living in the Norwegian capital, when in reality we’re only about 670,000. Everyone is outside, enjoying spring and you realize that there aren’t many more beautiful places than Norway in the sun.

One of my best friends and I took advantage of this lovely weather, and went out to eat at my favorite place in Oslo. Villa Paradiso – an Italian pizzeria (no surprise there really!).


Their pizza is truly heavenly, the atmosphere and venue is fun and relaxed, and you feel like you are sitting in a pizzeria somewhere in Italy. In addition, they have the ultimate Italian summer drink – Aperol Spritz, but they have made their own twist which makes it divine.


Look how pretty the drinks (and pizzas) are! Perfect for your mood and your Instagram feed…


If you are ever in Oslo, especially in the spring/summer season, you should definitely visit Villa Paradiso. They have various locations throughout the city, I recommend the one at Grunerløkka!

Lots of love,


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